Medical Dermatology Services

The Dermatology Center offers complete care of the skin. We recommend that all patients come in for at least an annual skin exam. We offer medical dermatology services for all ages and skin types, for all skin, hair and nail conditions, to include:

As a full service practice, we combine our collective knowledge and experience to address our patients’ skin problems.

Skin is a very large organ, made up of many layers, and responsible for guarding underlying muscles and organs. Skin measures about 1 mm thick when we’re born, and it grows to about 2 mm thick by adulthood. As we age, skin gradually thins and becomes much more sensitive to sun damage.

Skin has several roles:

  1. Protective: Our skin’s main job is insulating and protecting our body against invasion by bacteria and other foreign substances, guarding against dehydration and ultra-violet light.
  2. Sensory: Our skin senses 5 different kinds of stimulation – touch, pressure, heat, cold, and pain.
  3. Regulatory: Our skin helps control body temperature by fine-tuning heat insulation – like a thermostat.
  4. Purification: Our skin purifies our system by eliminating waste fluid. And, it stores water, fat, and helps make vitamin D.
Skin Anatomy

Skin has an amazing resilience to injury, resuming its previous shape after withstanding considerable trauma, without permanent damage.

However, from time-to-time or perhaps on a consistent basis, we have skin issues, and we need help from the experts.

Contact Us for an appointment or for more information. We look forward to meeting with you soon and giving you the best of care in managing your skin problems.