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Vein Treatment – Vascular Laser Treatment

Vascular Laser Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Vascular Lesion? How are they treated?


A vascular lesion is formed by abnormally large or numerous blood vessels that are located directly under the skin surface. These vessels may be visible through the skin and may be result in a red appearance. Vascular Lasers are the gold standard for treatment of vascular lesions. Here at The Dermatology Center, we offer two laser treatments, V-Beam® and Diolite®.

Sometimes both V-Beam and Diolite are used for certain patients, and other times the dermatologist will select the one most appropriate for your condition.

What is the V-Beam procedure?

V-Beam is a pulsed-dye laser for treatment of a wide variety of vascular lesions and cosmetic applications, including port wine stain birthmarks, facial redness, leg and facial veins and skin rejuvenation by wrinkle reduction, acne/acne scars, warts and hemangiomas. Highly exact, V-Beam treatment is minimally uncomfortable, with no downtime for recovery.

What is Diolite laser?

Diolite laser has eliminated the bruising from vascular, pigmented and brown lesion treatment associated with older lasers. With Diolite, we can direct the light to the treatment area only, leaving the surrounding tissue untouched. Diolite is gentle, consistent and precise. There is minimal irritation – only a slight stinging sensation – and downtime is eliminated.