Monmouth Mall Code of Conduct

Welcome to Monmouth Mall. Please note that the property, its buildings and designated roadways and parking lot that comprise Monmouth Mall are private property.

We have set forth the following Code of Conduct to protect the mall’s legitimate business interests and provide you with the best shopping experience possible. By refraining from the following activities, together we can achieve that.

  • The use of obscene language, gestures or racial, sexual or religious is prohibited.
  • Behavior that is disorderly, disruptive or that endangers others is prohibited.
  • Defacing, damaging or destroying property is prohibited.
  • Littering is prohibited.
  • Running, skating, skateboarding, bicycling and all other forms of “horse play”, loitering, obstructing or interfering with the free flow of customer traffic are prohibited.
  • Use of any property in an improper or unsafe manner is prohibited.
  • All patrons must be fully clothed and cannot wear indecent, inappropriate or gang-related attire – all subject to Mall Management discretion.
  • Loud behavior, the playing of musical instruments, or audio devices, loitering and the blocking of store entrances, walk-ways, fire exits, escalators/elevators is prohibited.
  • Possession of a weapon, even if legally owned, is not allowed, except by law enforcement officers.
  • Smoking is prohibited throughout the interior public and service areas of Monmouth Mall.
  • The illegal possession, use and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages or controlled substances is prohibited.
  • The legal consumption of alcoholic beverages may only occur in designated areas.
  • All visitors are required to leave the interior common areas of Monmouth Mall once the property closes for business each evening.
  • Groups of four (4) or more may be dispersed.
  • Picketing, leafleting, soliciting and/or petitioning require the prior written consent of Mall Management.
  • Only animals trained and/or licensed to assist and accompanied by persons with disabilities are permitted.
  • Photographing, video-taping and/or filming requires the prior written consent of Mall Management.
  • Sitting on floors, planters, handrails, stairs or trash receptacles is prohibited.
  • School truancy policies are strictly enforced.
  • Engaging in any act defined by Federal, State of Local Law, constituting a criminal offense, is prohibited.

Your entry to Monmouth Mall constitutes your consent to abide by the above rules governing conduct. A violation of these rules may result in expulsion from the property and/or other legal action as Management deems appropriate. Questions regarding these rules should be addressed to Monmouth Mall Management.

Monmouth Mall Management reserves the right to amend the Code of Conduct at any time.

Thank you for both your anticipated cooperation and for shopping Monmouth Mall.

Monmouth Mall

Monmouth Mall